Coliving Your Way

After holding our first set of live events late last year where we introduced the concept of communal coliving to Melbourne, we’ve been working through all the feedback we received.
And what we found was there’s a definite trend towards smaller coliving spaces, rather than the enormous coliving spaces starting to pop up around the globe. Right now there’s movement happening across the USA, Europe and South East Asia towards larger communities. And by larger, we mean newly built or converted apartment blocks with up to 500 units.

But is this what most prospective residents really want?

From the studies that we’ve conducted over the last year, the answer is a clear “NO”

An online survey of IKEA’s think tank Space10 asked over 7000 people in 147 countries about their optimal coliving environment and results are quite clear.

“But most interestingly, the survey revealed that respondents were most interested in living in shared houses of between 4 and 10 people. That’s really small–and not something that today’s coliving companies offer.”

So why this weird trend towards 500 bed coliving spaces?

Money! Investors are becoming more aware of the coliving movement and at the same time the increasing number of spaces are beefing up the competition.

“Today Reza Merchant, The Collective’s charismatic 29-year-old cofounder, told Forbes his plans for 4,500 co-living apartments across the UK, US and Germany.
Merchant’s international expansion is being bankrolled by the $420 million that his business has now raised to date from debt and also equity.”

But as we now know, this is not what our community really desires! And so, we’ve created a 3-PHASE Plan to bring YOUR IDEAL communal living to Melbourne ASAP!

P͙H͙A͙S͙E͙ ͙O͙N͙E͙

Instantly available properties that suit the requirements for communal coliving.
We are tirelessly screening the market for properties in the CBD and the inner suburbs for apartments and houses with 5+ bedrooms that are available either for rent or to be purchased straight away. Criteria that matter are

  • Equal sized, equal quality rooms
    • Availability of large shared spaces to foster the community
    • A maximum of 2 residents sharing the same bathroom

P͙H͙A͙S͙E͙ ͙T͙W͙O͙

We are starting the dialog with developers, investors and property owners to incorporate suitable designs for coliving into new developments or into repurposed heritage objects.

P͙H͙A͙S͙E͙ ͙T͙H͙R͙E͙E͙

Further down the road we will develop our own coliving houses from scratch.

So, what’s coming next?

Over the next few weeks we will introduce different coliving opportunities that we are looking at right now.
We would love to hear from you what your thoughts are… for example do you like it? What changes would you like us to make? How can we make it ???? space?

Please stay tuned and we look forward to working together to make YOUR ideal coliving space a reality in Melbourne!!


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