About Us

At THNK.innovation we are passionate of unleashing human creativity and of facilitating innovation.

In a future in which artificial intelligence and machine learning will take over most the repetitive jobs from people, it is human creativity that is the most important skill for our personal and organisational successes.

With a background in mechanical engineering our founder David is combining traditional design thinking strategies to generate space for creative ideation with powerful industry tools to achieve tangible results for you and your team.

Our Vision

To create better designs for a better future.

The Mission

We strive in unleashing untapped human creativity to help in shaping purposeful businesses, careers and lives for our clients and their customers.

Value and Purpose

At THNK.innovation we do believe that we are born as creatives. It is our goal helping to unleash this human superpower. We believe in a future in which people are working together and collaborating to achieve change for the better of humanity and the planet. Finding purpose and fulfilment in working on projects and contributing in ways that are in alignment with their intrinsic values.

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Meet Our Team

David Hauser - Founder and Chief Maker THNK.innovation

David Hauser

Founder and CEO

With a degree in engineering and mechanical design, David did spend over 10 years in the machine tool industry where he served in roles as lead engineer and project manager in the design of complex manufacturing machines for the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries.

Thinking outside of the box to solve wicked problems was always a passion of his. The experience that he gained in the creation and implementation of innovative ideas motivated him to start THNK.innovation. An agency to share his knowledge with clients ranging from the start-up community over SME’s to large organizations and government bodies, helping individuals and teams to create products and services that will be loved by their customers.

Arushi Mittal

Business Development Officer

Friends with Benefits

Jason Castellano

Jason is a true veteran of the digital world with over 15 years of experience as a Graphic Designer and Web Designer. Jason is an SEO Specialist, Google My Business (GMB) Journeyman, and is a new age marketer and adapts to the tides of change immersing himself in the online world and ever-changing industry.

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Martin Probst

Martin is an award-winning Learning Professional on a mission to share his proven and profound leadership methodologies that allow organizations and employees to thrive with confidence, make smarter choices, and to achieve better outcomes.

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Would you like to become a friend with benefits?



Would you like to become a friend with benefits?



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Bring your product idea to life with manufacturing-ready design and prototyping provided by Dream Launch’s dynamic global team of best-in-class designers, developers, and engineers. When you work with us you have access to any area of Dream Launch’s end-to-end product development service as provided by our cohort of expert advisors.

PROfound Leadership

PROfound Leadership empowers organizations, teams, and individuals with human-centered leadership strategies so they can overcome the toughest challenges in today’s busy and ever-changing environment, as well as positively transform their future and generations to come. Would you like to Partner with us?

Blissful Work

Create an organizational culture where employees feel valued, a happy environment where your team feels motivated to go the extra mile for you. Blissful Work can help build an environment that improves your employees’ mental health and productivity at the same time whilst driving a culture of high-performance.

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