Innovation by Design

Customer focus, Innovative thinking and fast paced implementation of new products and services have never been more important than right now.

What Innovation by Design Offers:

We are helping entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, corporations and government bodies to create products and services that their clients and customers do love.

We are utilising proven industry methodologies and adding unique value through our own tools developed over years of corporate and coaching experience.

  • Design Thinking
  • Design Sprints
  • UX/UI design
  • Service Design
  • Human Centred Design
  • Agile

The world is changing big time right now and it will be the most adaptable and creative organisations and teams that will thrive through this time. We are here to join you on your journey provide guidance on your way from Idea to Innovation.


You are new to design thinking and human centred design?
You want to learn the basics in a hands-on experience?
You want to know how the most innovative companies like Apple are doing it?

What Workshops Offers:

Our one-day* workshop “Innovate with Design THNKinn” will provide you with all the basic knowledge to get started and boost your innovation skills straight away.

You will learn how to

  • understand your customers’ needs with empathy
  • create tangible requirements to keep you on track
  • generate creative ideas to create value for your customers
  • Build prototypes of your ideas quickly
  • Test them in way that will make it easy for you to decide on your way forward

Or do you have specific needs? Of course, we are more than happy to listen to you and craft a workshop experience that is right for you and your team and the specific challenges that you are facing right now.

*can be conducted in 2 half day sessions

What our Clients say...

Richard Mark - Commercial & Strategic Advisor

I like the idea that we can all learn a structured process that can effectively lead to better innovation – design thinking.

I found David’s workshop to be a great hands-on way to learn how to use design thinking to better understand customers/users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and develop innovative solutions.

David is a natural presenter and teacher who knows his stuff and works hard to make sure that everyone attending the course felt comfortable in sharing their ideas with the group. A great way to learn – highly recommended!

Richard Mark
Commercial & Strategic Advisor

Athula Bogoda - CEO – Silicon Beach Group Ltd

THNK.innovation conducted a comprehensive qualitative research project to help us to get to know our community much better.

David and his team did dig deep beneath the surface to unveil our member’s needs and what they were looking for when joining Silicon Beach. They also processed and visualised their findings and generated tangible suggestions that will allow us to maximise the value of our services for our community now and in the future.

Giving us the strong feeling of knowing and understanding our community members external and internal needs much better, is growing our confidence in providing ongoing and excellent service to all Silicon Beachers.

Athula Bogoda
CEO – Silicon Beach Group Ltd

Mark Cooray - Managing Director – LI Labs

The best part about how Annelou and David are running their workshops is their hands-on
approach. There are no prolonged periods of sitting and listening. We got out of our chairs
early and regularly to experience the design thinking process by doing it straight away.

Especially having the whole workshop series spread out over multiple months allowed us to
apply the techniques straight away to our real-world projects and yield the benefits
immediately. And whenever we did have any questions or needed clarification then Annelou
and David were just one email away to support us.

Mark Cooray
Managing Director – LI Labs

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