Part 04: Rapid Prototyping

Welcome to the 4th part of your Design Thinking journey!

Building a prototype of your idea early on is essential for three different reasons

  • Only by building it you can be 100% sure that it can be build
  • Only by showing how it works you can have your users to interact with it
  • Only by having your users to interact with it you can learn what they do and don’t like

The task of building a prototype that can be tested is daunting to many of us.

  • How complex does it have to be?
  • How long will it take me to build it?
  • How much will it cost?

Prototypes do not have to be expensive or even comprehensive. An initial, simple but testable prototype can be built by anyone within a day.

And advancements in technology allow us even to build more advanced ones within days.

In Part 04 of our Design Thinking series – Rapid Prototyping – you will learn what a prototype really is, how easy it is to get started with your first one and what tools and technology are out there that will empower you to ship and test your first functional prototypes within a couple of weeks.

FI2I - Part 04

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