Part 05: Testing, Learning, Refining

Welcome to the 5th part of your Design Thinking journey!

Prototypes play a huge role in bringing ideas to life efficiently because they provide a vivid portrayal of our creative plans and allow for quicker internal user and client feedback. Prototyping is a journey that extends from initial project ideation to user experience and design, and through final engineering.

Prototyping is particularly useful when used alongside the Design Thinking model of product creation. Our entire process is propelled by Design Thinking. For us, it is the mechanism through which innovation and creativity can be unleashed. The three stages of Design Thinking include Inspiration, Ideation, and Implementation. Prototyping is useful in each stage.

In this part of our Design Thinking series we will introduce you to the

  • benefits of prototyping
  • different levels of prototype complexity
  • easiest way of getting started with your own prototypes

FI2I - Part 05

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